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Redefining Retirement: How Long-Term Care Owners Create Wealth Beyond the Business

As sell-side advisors to long-term care owners across the country, the Evans Senior Investments team specializes in guiding independent owner-operators through what is the largest transaction of their lives. ESI has worked with over a thousand independent owners nationwide, facilitating countless transitions into retirement over the years. We strive to secure top dollar for our clients, maximizing the return on their investments, and promoting a successful business exit.


But what about after that wire transfer hits your account? Most owners we've worked with have devoted all of their time and energy over the years to their business operations and providing best-in-class care that they haven't thought much about what to do with their livelihood once the transaction has closed.


That is why we are sharing valuable insights from our trusted source, Sentinus Investments, a respected financial advisory firm in Chicago. Tyler Qualio, President & Partner at Sentinus, and Kyle DePasquale, Wealth Advisor at Sentinus, bring a unique perspective to our clients retiring from the seniors housing and skilled nursing industry. Here are four investment strategies they most commonly recommend to retirees beyond the stock market.

Four Alternatives to the Traditional Stock Market for Your Money Post-Sale


  1. Diversified Bond Portfolios In general, stock portfolios are more widely-used than bond portfolios. But bonds are a cornerstone of a well-rounded retirement portfolio due to their stability and reliable income. Currently yielding nearly 6%, diversified bond portfolios offer owners a reliable source of income without the inherent risks associated with the stock market. Diversifying across various types of bonds can provide a balanced approach to risk management while ensuring a steady stream of income during retirement years.

  2. Guaranteed Private Pension Plan Guaranteed private pension plans offer security by providing a pre-determined income stream for retirees and their spouses. These plans payout a monthly paycheck throughout the rest of their lives. In the event you or your spouse were to pass away early, it will pay a death benefit to your heirs. This plan alleviates concerns about outliving your savings and assures financial stability regardless of major market changes.

  3. Bracketed Investment Funds "Bracketed” Investment Funds allow you to invest in the stock market with downside protection in exchange for measured upside return. By employing pre-determined selling points, the aim is to minimize potential losses while capitalizing on market upswings. The bracketed investment funds approach provides a framework that aligns with your risk tolerance and retirement goals.

  4. Diversified Real Estate Funds Diversified real estate funds are another reliable investment option beyond stocks and bonds. These funds offer relatively consistent tax-advantaged income that is less correlated to stock market shifts. While individuals can manage these investments independently, partnering with experienced fund managers can further reduce risks offering long-term financial security for retirees. There is also the ability to invest in a 1031 exchange with institutional quality companies that allows an owner to defer their taxes and outsource the management.


Knowing What Your Seniors Housing or Skilled Nursing Community is Worth

The most important part of planning for retirement for any owner of a long-term care community is having an accurate understanding of what your community is worth throughout the life of the business. We encourage owners to take advantage of ESI's free, no-obligation market valuations service once a year to ensure you always have a clear understanding of how much your senior care assets are worth. ESI will also help you strategize your exit plan to achieve maximum value and set you up for the best retirement possible.


Work with a Wealth Advisor

Whether or not you have worked with a wealth advisor before, a second opinion is always a good idea. Sentinus Investments is a high-touch, independent financial advisory firm focused on service and creative thinking. They organize, grow, and protect their clients' money as if it is their own. Contact Sentinus today and get started with a comprehensive risk & opportunity assessment.

More than Just a Real Estate Transaction to ESI

"I don’t know if you remember me, but you sold our facilities in 2015. I was thinking of you this week as I joyfully sit in my yard, enjoying my retirement. The retirement I would not have had you not done such a wonderful job selling our properties." - ESI Client & Retired Skilled Nursing Owner in Vancouver, WA







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