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What Confidential Senior Housing Investment Means

Many of our customers come to us with sales worries, concerned about reactions by senior housing residents, staff, and the community to selling their nursing facilities. We know how vital confidentiality is to your business. Privacy when managing senior housing listings is something we take very seriously at Evans Senior – but what does confidential senior housing investment really mean? Although this term is frequently used by senior housing brokers, with some nursing home brokerages, confidentiality gets lost in translation.



Confidential Senior Housing Brokerage Services Should Not Include Mass Marketing

Mass marketing nursing homes for sale using email or direct mail shows a complete lack of discretion, yet nursing home brokers frequently use this marketing scheme. Evans Senior Investments never uses this tactic. We understand a confidential sale is essential to your business’ stability.



Senior Housing for Sale Should Never Be Listed on the Public Domain


We are surprised to see the number of nursing home brokers that post acquisition opportunities on public websites. This tactic essentially broadcasts your sale rather than keeping it off the record. Despite this, many brokerages advertising so-called confidential services use this tactic. The Evans Senior team does not need to use this type of advertising to sell your senior housing facilities.



Evans Senior Investing Ensures Complete Confidentiality


Our marketing process is entirely confidential. We ensure no one at your senior living center or in the community will find out about your transaction, preserving privacy with a proven approach through:


  • Matching your facility with qualified investors

  • Reaching out via personal call

  • Listing generic property information so no one can identify your facilities

  • Disclosing property details only after receipt of a signed confidentiality agreement



Confidentiality Practices Vary by Firm


Though many senior living brokerages tout their ability to work confidentially, very few follow through. Don’t put your business’ reputation at risk.



Find out what confidential senior housing investment really means. At Evans Senior Investments, confidentiality is more than a buzzword. You can count on us to put in the time and effort to protect your business, using proven marketing tactics to sell your skilled nursing facility. Contact Evans Senior Investments at 312-896-0123 to schedule a complimentary market valuation and sales strategy session today.






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